Client Lifecycle

Transvision's CLM presents a comprehensive and user-friendly solution encompassing all facets of the client lifecycle. The solution elevates the digital onboarding experience through external data validation, documentation, and efficient workflow management. The proprietary screening algorithms play a pivotal role in augmenting data accuracy, substantially reducing the incidence of false positives.

Some facts about Transvision’s CLM

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reduction in onboarding time Using API & digitizing processes

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match accuracy rate between customers and external data

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reduction of false positives For ongoing monitoring of sanctions and negative news

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reduction in investigation timeline with risk prioritization and briefing

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adherence Compliance with Regulators

Key features & benefits

End to End Solution

Intelligent workflow management and documentation management with operational efficiencies

Proprietary matching accuracy

Name science-driven entity resolution for substantially fewer false positives

Monitoring Pushed alerts on new sanctions activity.

Get alerts in real time on relevant sanctions activity.

Seamless Integration & Customization

Work within familiar environment and workflow

Return on Investment

Easily configurable and customizable features along with competitive pricing through diverse plans.